Jolt – Case Study

Who’ll take the 3:00 AM call?

With maternity leave for an overnight agent rapidly approaching, how to cover  the after-hours hotline became priority one. 

We first met J-P Scoville several weeks before Jolt’s overnight agent supporting their largest  customer was due to go on maternity leave. Realizing there was no way he could push his timeline  to find a backfill solution, he started early and considered multiple options.  

The good news was that the support needed was low volume and narrowly focused on a single  product for a single customer. The bad news was that the backfill would be supporting their largest,  most important customer and they couldn’t afford to have any drop off in quality or timeliness of  service delivery. There was a lot riding on finding the right solution. 

With weeks to spare, J-P thought he found his answer and was in final discovery with an existing  partner who had an existing support team in place. After going pretty far down this path, he  realized late in the conversation that the overnight support he was asking for was not currently in  place. The partner would be extending their hours and hiring specifically for this engagement.  

With mere weeks to go and warning bells ringing, J-P reengaged with us to hear again about our  existing overnight team and our Shared Services model. Convinced that ours was a better solution,  we contracted with one week to spare and dove head first into getting our team up to speed on the  product and customer we would be supporting.  

All things being equal, this initial specific support engagement went off without a hitch and we  delivered.  

Based on the success of this initial engagement, our Shared Services team now provides 24/7  coverage for Jolt’s entire customer base taking every phone call and triaging every ticket as it  enters the queue. Additionally, we augment their core team with two dedicated agents during peak  hours adding capacity as they scale. 

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