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We are an exclusive organization that is powered by our people and our in-house organic technology. We provide remotely-managed outsourcing services for companies across the globe by rapidly rolling out and scaling up our remote-ready teams in response to the needs of large, medium, or small firms and corporations. We manage numerous outsourcing ventures remotely and because of our decades of proven experience in building teams and functions, we are trusted business advisors to our clients. Through “Remote Work Done Right The Sirius Way", we form long-lasting partnerships built on being professional, transparent, and dependable.

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Sirius Support's approach to the COVID-19's situation is to bring positive and safe opportunities for all our customers, prospects, partners and employees. The following are the support measures that we've introduced hitherto along with our in-house resources that we hope will help you during these times.


100% remote opportunities irrespective of geographical boundaries

From remote-first to remote-ready, we have designed the tools and resources to suit all - employees and the customers to transit to the remote business model smoothly.

Initiative to onboard the economically-impacted top talents

Amidst the current pandemic situation, Sirius Support ensures business continuity and scalability by creating a better balance of top talents who were impacted economically as part of our overall talent strategy.

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We have decades of proven outsourcing experience in building teams and functions, executing projects that have saved companies millions of dollars.

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We, at Sirius Support, can help your organization manage and leverage your entire workforce remotely - from tracking productivity to providing ...

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