Hello, my name is Nermeen. 


It’s an honor for me to work as a Customer Care Representative with Sirius Support.


I consider myself a perfectionist, and anything less than 100% effort does not accurately represent who I am.

Having said that, whenever I establish objectives at work, I aim for the stars. For example, if a client requests that I work on 50 tickets each day, I will establish a goal of 75 and strive to meet that objective. You see, once I reach their objective, I know that a fraction of the client satisfaction has been reached. I strive to go above and beyond their expectations. To me, adding 15 more tickets isn’t too much, but in the eyes of the client, they regard it as us exceeding their expectations, which demonstrates how much we appreciate their satisfaction. 


Some of the strategies I’ve used to achieve my work goals include:


  • Maintaining an optimistic attitude
  • I write my objective on my white board so that it is visible (it serves as a reminder and motivation for me).
  • I remove all distractions
  • I set small goals for myself (If there is 50 tickets to complete, I average completing at least 10 within the first hour)
  • I keep my workspace clean and orderly at all times

People sometimes refer to me as a workaholic, but I like to think of myself as self-motivated. I don’t need much management to get my job responsibilities fulfilled.. All I need is a good working environment where I feel valued and appreciated for my efforts, and then BAM, I’ll move mountains and push through barriers to get things done anytime, wherever . A pleasant work environment is one that supports employee happiness, productivity, and progress, which inspires me to accomplish my job to the best of my abilities; these are all the characteristics of Sirius Support’s environment.


In terms of my career and how I meet expectations, it is primarily due to my strong desire to assist people. With my passion for customer service, I can deliver high-quality service at Sirius Support with no problem at all! The secret to success in life is to do what you enjoy, and I enjoy assisting others. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to be in a career where I do what I love every day. Especially at Sirius Support where I can help clients all around the globe!

Nermeen Aboelmagd  –  Customer Support Agent

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