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Deflector shields up!

CEO and lead engineer answering dozens of end-user inquiries on a daily  basis. There has to be a better way. Make it stop. 

We first met Charlie Ruddy just weeks before his company, Foundation Tennis, was to be acquired  by Slinger in a tennis industry roll-up of multiple complementary businesses. Years of hard work  were about to pay off and his role at the new combined company would soon put even more on his plate.

At the time, Charlie and his lead engineer were handling several inquiries from their customer’s  customers on a daily basis, pointing them back to knowledge base articles that existed but weren’t  easily accessed. They had made a technology switch a year earlier in an effort to alleviate the  problem but the implementation stalled out and never delivered the promised relief.  

As a result, he was on a quest to find a partner that could develop and execute a self-service  deflection strategy while at the same time, picking up the low-value work that he and his team was  currently saddled with from end-user inquiries. 

They found Sirius to be a perfect fit on both fronts.  

We began a two-pronged engagement with FT in July of 2021. We started with a knowledge  architecture project to inventory and organize the existing knowledge articles and fill in any gaps  along the way. Simultaneously, we directed all of the existing customer inquiries to our Shared  Services team providing live phone and email support 12 hours per day, 7 days per week. 

Once the knowledge project was complete, we stood up a new instance of Zendesk, optimized it  for self-service, and cut customer inquiries down by nearly 60%.  

Today our team triages 100% of their inbound customer support volume with 12×7 coverage for  less than the cost of a single FTE. 

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