Address Corporate Office: London
Team: Global (Australasia to North America)

Our Leaders

Leader 1

Craig Mills


IT & Cyber Security, Customer Success Director, and Remote Management Leader

Craig is a Founding Partner of Sirius Support. With over 20 years in technical support & professional services in the enterprise software industry spanning service delivery operations right around the world. Craig has great in-depth experience in leading large, multinational customer-facing teams. His mantra behind delivering great support is all about having great talent onboard for the right teams. He believes that great talent doesn’t have to be within a commutable distance of an office location, global talent builds a diverse team allowing you to achieve success. With this objective, Craig has taken his years of success and used those to co-create Sirius Support. Creating a unique, data-driven, customer focused organization in a remote-ready space; thus, offering all our customers optimal Customer Experience Done the Sirius Way!
He has proven that accurate tools backed by a powerful AI-knowledge base can transform any organization. The strategies at Sirius are tried & tested proving his journey to bring amplified success for all our clients is being ‘Sirius-ly’ Done Right!

Craig’s favourite tagline: Empower the team, let them deliver greatness!

In his free time: Working on his masters, cycling through the countryside lanes, and baking all sorts of pastry delights.

Aside from 20+ years of experience building global teams, operational functions, and leading multi-million dollar projects, Peter shifted his focus to empower individuals. He achieved this through a data-driven approach using the powerful techniques of systematic coaching, personal development, and a human first approach. He believes that human beings are at their best when they are engaged, throughout every domain of the company's journey.
With the global demand for remote work management, he decided to partner with Craig Mills and build their dream organization. Sirius Support incorporates the values of bringing people & technology together; thus, achieving a track record of success.
They say, ‘Hard Work Pays Off’, and so it did. With over 1000+ satisfied end-users from our client, he and Craig have infused a culture-rich workplace for all at Sirius. This has led to an endless number of satisfied clients globally and more...

Peter’s favourite tagline: Success is Blood, Sweat, and Data Driven like a Professional Athlete…!

In his free time: He practices and coaches Aikido, master of legos, tries unsuccessfully to solve his two Rubik's cubes without cheating, and loves to build his own computers.

Leader 2

Peter Fernandez


Learning & Development Specialist, Knowledge Management Director, & Client Success Assurance