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Is Remote Work without Preparation, Infrastructure, Systems, and Basic Work Methodology an initiative worth anything?

For many organizations, the situation facing them right now is having to send a large portion, if not all, of their workforce home to work remotely.

What would this mean? In the short term, these companies risk:

  • Sub-par or even Non-Performance of their staff.
  • Lack of visibility of their staff – What the staff are doing and how they are doing it is not clearly visible, even with the existing dashboards.
  • Lowered Engagement levels amongst other things.

Companies are used to synchronous working conditions, under which everyone mostly works at the same time and in the same place. In a remote environment, these conditions are vastly different.

Without the time or the experience to develop a good working and tested Methodology, once a period of crisis such as this is over, they will revert to business as usual. They would never have seen how transformative a remote workforce can be.

They will lose out on the amazing and varied benefits of having a remote workforce. All because they didn’t know how to do it right the first time.

Let @Siriussupport take care of that for you, and do it right the first time, every time. We’ll partner with you to make sure you reap the benefits of a remote workforce including:

  • Improved performance and productivity (yes! Even more than what you’d get in an office environment) through our Remote Work App and Management Methodology.
  • A well managed workforce with great visibility into performance and work output coupled with great quality with our globally sourced top talent.
  • Improved engagement levels due to Sirius Remote Methodology & Coaching.
  • Lowered costs including CAPEX reduction due to being able to divest yourself of office space or buildings/infrastructure.

On top of that, our Global Remote Workforce allows you to access the best talent you can get, and even expand into territories or countries that it would not have been possible before without incurring large costs.

Don’t let this moment pass your organization by, take the opportunity to change and transform your workforce today.

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Peter Fernandez

Extensive experience working with Global, Remote, and On-site, Cross-functional (Contact Centres, Risk, Compliance, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Credit, Operations, Logistics, IT, Project etc), Multi-discipline teams across countries