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Are organizations finding out that remote work isn’t as great as they thought?

An article I recently came across claimed that there is a growing sentiment that the grand remote working experiment is doomed to failure. CEOs are seeing a lessening (or never saw it in the first place) of the improved productivity and focus that remote working was supposed to bring.

The truth may lay in somewhat more of a grey area, as might be expected with such a nuanced statement. It hardly would be unexpected of a fully remote organization like ours to disagree with the article, but we’ll try to do so in a more measured manner.

The bold bare faced basic fact of the matter is that many companies have been forced to work remotely due to the pandemic and enforced lockdowns or the local equivalent. This gives rise to many issues which impact working remotely such as having to share space with others, not having the right equipment, connectivity issues, having to look after children simultaneously etc. In fact, you could say that these would impact anyone’s work, imagine if you were in your office and you had to deal with any, never mind all, of the above? Would you be able to be productive?

Having said that, prior preparation, and the right experience coupled with good tools will help tremendously. Get the right policies and processes in place, build more rigour around things you take for granted in an office, use technology and tools that help you coach well, with data driven analysis and insights. Help your employees learn what works and what doesn’t work, and more importantly, teach them how to work remotely, it definitely isn’t the same as working from an office desk, but it could be so much more and so much better!

Finally, if you’re not sure how, and don’t know what to do, or are getting frustrated at the issues you face, reach out to contacts and to experts (like us!) who can help guide, advise, and set things up for your organization, in order to create a sustainable, long term remote work system that well, works!

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