Address Corporate Office: London
Team: Global (Australasia to North America)

Are offices becoming obsolete? Is it the perfect time to go remote?

There will always be a place and a need for physical offices in many industries, but what the pandemic has taught companies is that remote working is a real possibility for many of their workers – IF they do it right.

For workers, it’s a chance to literally explore the world, and be productive while doing so! An amazing confluence of need and want.

Go Remote today! And for organizations who are not sure how or what the benefits might be, contact Remote Experts such as Sirius Support who can help you on your journey.

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Peter Fernandez

Extensive experience working with Global, Remote, and On-site, Cross-functional (Contact Centres, Risk, Compliance, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Credit, Operations, Logistics, IT, Project etc), Multi-discipline teams across countries