Address Corporate Office: London
Team: Global (Australasia to North America)


Amro Walid
Software Engineer

"Sirius Support is more like a family than a team. A family where you can be enthusiastic and dream about what you can achieve. Joining Sirius was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Sirius's family will always appreciate every contribution you make to the extent that you will feel blessed."

Anil Kumar Mayani
Data Analyst

"Working for the company is SIRIUSLY AMAZING! With a very competitive salary and you get to work remotely from the comforts of your own home. I can see myself advancing my career with the company. I can confidently say that Sirius Support is pioneering the future of the remote workforce."

Edward Poyaoan
Customer Service Representative

"Sirius has given me a chance to work in the best environment possible. Getting to work with different people and cultures is a very unique set up but it allowed me to grow us a person and as a professional. Sirius Support always strives to provide excellent customer service, a goal that is also ingrained in me. Being part of this company is a privilege and honor."

Mayorran Siva
Team Lead

"Sirius Support is all about engaging the hearts, minds, and hands of talent for the most sustainable source of competitive advantage in this new era of the digital world. I enjoy working remotely and feel appreciated, acknowledged and rewarded. Signs of fear, domination, bullying and intimidation are absent. Creativity, productivity, and thinking outside the box flourish. Proud to be part of this growing organization."

Noor Hamdi Rusli
Digital Work Transition Consultant

"Working in Sirius Support has taught me the value of time, time for work, time for family. Remote working gives me a perfect balance in life, especially with my growing family. And the working culture is second to none and especially the transparency. This is the only place in the world where I can speak to my COO, my VP and even my CEO on a daily basis. I'm blessed to be a part and grow with the company/family."

Vivien Ma Zarsuelo
Knowledge Architect

"Beyond the perks of remote work (flexible hours and work-anywhere), being part of the Sirius Support family is made more meaningful and enjoyable because of the team. I love how our cultural diversity and global mindedness have allowed us to learn from each other and grow personally and professionally. The company culture is great - built around trust and mutual respect. Management cares not only about the business but also about the team, which makes working here worthwhile."

Customer Success Champion

Salary - $ 20,000

Customer Support Executive

Salary - $ 10,000

No Openings Available for this Department

No Openings Available for this Department

No Openings Available for this Department

Senior Sales Representative

Salary - $ 20,000 OTE Uncapped

Customer Success Champion Apply Now
Department : Customer Service Salary : USD 20,000
Minimum Qualifications :
Location and Language Requirements

Work from anywhere in the world
Proficiency in English
Additional languages known is an advantage
Preferred Qualifications :
A stable internet connection of at least 10 Mbps up and down
A laptop or desktop, PC or Mac or Linux based operating system, dual core processor with at least 8GB or RAM
A webcam and headset (preferably with a noise-cancellation mic)
A quiet and private place to work
Comfortable in using new applications with a growth mindset, go-getter attitude, and a willingness to learn and teach
At least 2+ years of experience in the customer service domain
Knowledge of using the GSuite resources

About the Job

Who We Are:

Sirius Support is a 100% remote, global company. We work with organisations to improve the quality of support they deliver to their customers whilst also reducing cost through offering Support as a Service, our Remote Management Tool, and Knowledge Capture.
We’re a fast paced, fast moving, flexible organisation, with an emphasis on coaching and mentoring to gain continuous improvement. Only by having the best people, and continually developing ourselves, can we offer our customers the best service.
We’re not constrained to any single location or office, and hail from various parts of the world.
Be part of a radical change to the outsourced industry by joining us!

What We Offer:

A 100% fully-remote role. Work from anywhere that you like that doesn’t distract you and find your own work-life integration with regard to your work schedule.
We’re output focused - if you deliver on agreed results, the hours you work and where you work from are completely up to you depending on the role and shift requirements.

Our ideal Customer Service Advocate is the primary and most accountable member of our fast-growing team. You will be directly interacting with the customers at all stages of the business relationship. In fact, you will be the first point of contact for addressing all the questions and issues and often the only representative with whom our end-users will communicate.
- Maintaining a positive, empathetic and professional attitude toward customers at all times.
- Responding promptly to customer inquiries.
- Communicating with customers through various channels.
- Acknowledging and resolving customer complaints.
- Knowing our products inside and out so that you can answer questions.
- Processing orders, forms, applications, and requests.
- Keeping records of customer interactions, transactions, comments and complaints.
- Communicating and coordinating with colleagues as necessary.
- Providing feedback on the efficiency of the customer service process.
- Be proactive in capturing unresolved issues and nominating them for Knowledge Base solutions.
- Ensure customer satisfaction and provide professional customer support.
Customer Support Executive Apply Now
Department : Customer Service Salary : USD 10,000
Minimum Qualifications :
To Be Eligible To Apply, You Will Need

A stable internet connection of at least 10 Mbps up and down.
A laptop or desktop, PC or Mac or Linux based operating system, dual core processor with at least 8GB or RAM.
A webcam and headset.
A quiet place to work.
A go-getter attitude and a willingness to learn and teach.
Intermediate to advanced skills in MS Excel and Sheets.
Excellent command of English language - comprehension, spoken and written.
Preferred Qualifications :

About the Job

Who You Are

If you resonate with what you have read so far, this is who we are looking for:

You believe in enjoying what you do for work and you are good at your job. You are a committed, adaptable, technology savvy, and self-motivated individual with a good sense of humour. You enjoy working in a fast-paced and people-centric environment that drives high performance and positive behaviours. You enjoy learning as well as sharing knowledge and teaching others. You are proactive and take the initiative for continuous improvements.

You want to change the traditional ways of working by using more technology from your home.

What We Offer

It is an opportunity to work at one of the few truly global, truly remote work organisations, and to learn from highly-skilled people with a focus on developing our employees through coaching and mentoring.

The Application Process

We have intense competition for all of our roles. To succeed in being shortlisted, we recommend practicing CCAT style tests, with attention to detail, speed, and an ability to react well to change and ambiguity paramount.

You will undergo several tests, so do your best to shine!
Who We Are

Sirius Support is a fully-remote outsourcing organisation that provides customer support across a variety of technology and customer service functions.

Our founders have 40 years of combined experience building and leading teams in various fields across various industries and domains. Building Sirius Support has allowed a lifelong dream to come true: a place where development, coaching, and care of people are paramount to success.

Our Culture

No more worrying about heavy traffic conditions and looking for parking spaces to start work on time!

We create and build human connections through technology. We encourage work-life balance for our part- and full-time employees. Like, Siriusly.

We are a fun remote family that encourages diversity, inclusivity, and respect. Communication and teamwork are important to us because we rely on each other individually and collectively as one large happy family to produce top-notch results.

What makes our employees happy is a caring remote environment with regular employee engagement and development. We are competitive and strive to live by our success mantra: continuous improvements! We Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control, and Repeat.

Senior Sales Representative Apply Now
Department : Sales Salary : USD 20,000 OTE Uncapped
Minimum Qualifications :
A stable internet connection of at least 10 Mbps up and down.
A laptop or desktop (Windows, Mac or Linux OS) dual-core processor with at least 8GB RAM.
A webcam and headset (preferably with a noise-cancellation mic).
A quiet and private place to work.
Comfortable using a computer for various tasks.
Comfortable in using new applications with a growth mindset, go-getter attitude, ability to work independently, and a willingness to learn and teach.
Ability to flourish with minimal guidance, be proactive, and handle uncertainty well.
Must be self-driven, hungry for success, a self-starter, competitive, and a fast learner.
Strong communication skills as well as IT or BPO industry fluency.
Ability to manage complex projects and multi-task.
Excellent organisational and time management skills.
At least 2+ years of experience in sales or marketing in the IT or BPO industry.
Excellent communication, interpersonal, problem-solving, and presentation skills.
Proficiency with sales management software and CRM (Salesforce, HubSpot, etc.).
Proficient in MS Office/Google Suite applications.
Must always keep up to date with industry (IT and BPO) and technology trends.
We highly encourage residents from the US, Jamaica, Middle East, and Canada to apply.
Preferred Qualifications :
Can work from anywhere in the world with an uninterrupted internet connection.
Can work for a short-term or a long-term project.
Must possess excellent proficiency in spoken and written English.
Can work 40 hours a week.

About the Job

Sirius BDMs work remotely with absolute liberty to work flexibly yet be accountable as per the metrics set by the BDM team. We do not monitor you in person and we expect our BDMs to be truly motivational that arise from your love for sales, your customers, your solutions, and most importantly - your team!

We are looking for full-time and remote-ready candidates who can work with us for the next 3 months on a contract basis. Preferably, our ideal BDM should be a self-starter with exposure to the business structure of the education, IT, and outsourcing industries.
Reach out to potential clients to establish rapport and arrange meetings via phone calls and emails from a database of leads (both from the company and BDMs' previous contacts).
Research organisations and individuals to connect with and find new opportunities.
Find and develop new markets and customers to push the company's solutions.
Attend virtual meetings to introduce the company and the company's solutions to potential customers.
Identify and progress opportunities from meetings with potential customers.
Lead generation through LinkedIn, cold calls, email blasts, and other means.
Build and maintain a pipeline of opportunities.
Opportunity progression from identification to closure.